Web and Mobile Application Development

Web-based application development

SSS Global IT Solutions provides you with the opportunity to save time and money, and improve the way you interact with clients, suppliers and business partners. We can develop applications which will help you manage and streamline your business process and make everything organized and easy accessible.

SSS Global IT Solutions can develop standalone applications or can assist you in increasing the functionality of your existing application/site. Let us maximize your web presence and drive revenue to your business. Our creative design team will work with you to develop a clean, exciting web presence with intuitive navigation and a pleasing layout that provides visitors to your website an effective delivery system for your marketing message and value proposition.

Web Design

We know that the quality and design of your website can attract business. That’s why we create quality websites that flow. We understand that you have a vision, and our goal is to take that vision and tailor a design that is distinct, elegant, and impressive to where your audience keeps coming back.


Is your business ready to start selling products online? SSS Global IT Solutions offers one of a kind customizable shoping carts catered to your imagination. Let us put your imagination of what your business will look like on the web. We allow you to host as many products as you want and integrate many forms of payment options to ensure that your customers have a secure simplified checkout process.


All of our site come custom setup with SEO (search engine optimization). That means we register your site with bing, google, yahoo, and allow your site to be searchable from any search engine.


We have the right mix of experience, talent, technology and infrastructure that enables us to provide solutions that are most effective and fulfill the requirements of our client totally. Providing a successful web solution involves website designing, e-Commerce solutions, and Content Management Systems.

Mobile Applications

Mobile and embedded applications may well be the biggest challenge facing software testers and quality engineers. Proliferation of new device types, form factors, firmware and OS versions, and native hardware all present new complications for testers. While mobile territory is still new and does require some innovative thinking, many of the old best practices are still the same. Large development organizations must balance the need for specialized skills in mobile applications with the danger of allowing mobile apps to develop in a separate silo from the rest of the enterprise applications.

Transform your business with state-of-the-art mobile apps for your workforce, customers, and partners. Built with the latest leading-edge mobile technology, our apps can help you liberate enterprise data, accelerate key business processes, speed decision making, and better engage with consumers – for maximized revenue and sky-high productivity.


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