Quality Assurance and Software Testing

We provide the testing support you need by giving you access to highly experienced testing professionals. Our experts are comfortable working across different platforms and development methodologies including waterfall, iterative and agile.

Our flexible engagement models allow you to:

  • Optimise costs through our testing on demand solution – the Active Testing Model
  • Implement a managed or outsourced service
  • Receive expert service engagement
  • Expand your teams with professional testing staff to manage peaks
  • Bring in specialist skills when you need them

Test Governance and Test Management

Test governance ensures quality controls are in place to meet quality management requirements. We provide test management from project initiation through to implementation including planning, preparation, execution, reporting and testing sign off.

Early Lifecycle Testing

Focusing on 'prevention before cure' and recognising the clear benefits, we test early in the software lifecycle and employ static testing techniques including requirements testing, reviews, inspections and walkthroughs.

Functional Testing, & User Acceptance Testing

We manage and deliver these key phases to verify the system as a whole, including both functional and non-functional testing to ensure the deliverables meet the business requirements and specification.

We can facilitate User Acceptance by delivering or supporting delivery of the strategy, management and approach. We can support the planning and scheduling of environments and resources, script preparation, data identification and test execution as well as liaison with business and development teams.

Performance Testing

Our approach is to provide a comprehensive performance testing capability to ensure your systems meet their stated requirements. Our performance testers advise your team on the approach, define the scope and objectives, plan and manage the performance testing, as well as scripting, executing the tests and analysing the results. We work with the enterprise leading HP LoadRunner which is aimed specifically at performance testing.

Test Automation

Based on a Return-On-Investment (ROI) approach, we understand what should and more importantly what should not be automated. Our experience with HP QuickTest Pro (QTP) and Selenium to name a few of the Automation tools has enabled our customers to realise the benefits of test automation in a controlled and structured manner.

Mobile Application Testing

Due to constantly increasing competition in the market of mobile applications, the developers should especially focus on testing of their mobile applications. Approach to such testing significantly differs from the standard approach to testing of applications developed for use on PCs. Such difference arises because of the large number of design features of mobile devices and a variety of mobile platforms.

We offer the following set of mobile testing services, all of which are supported by our industry-recognised structured testing approach.

Mobile Functional Testing - Validate the functionality of your mobile solution

Mobile Compatibility Testing - Execute manual and automated testing across many different devices and platforms

Mobile Usability Testing - Evaluate the application's user experience with a sample user group, senior testers, and benchmark against similar applications

Mobile Performance Testing - Maximise and measure end-to-end app performance, network availability and performance, system integration and back end performance

Mobile Security Testing - Validate common security aspects including confidentiality, integrity, authentication, authorisation, availability and non-repudiation


Many organisations are either considering moving from 'plan-driven' software development lifecycle approaches to Agile or have already made the transition. Unfortunately many find it challenging to incorporate testing within their agile projects. The 2014-15 World Quality Report highlights that 61% of respondents admitted that they have not yet found a testing methodology that fits with agile. 55% also said that they are having difficulties applying test automation at the appropriate levels within their agile projects.

These are both major concerns for truly agile deployments when we consider that the main goal is to deliver incremental value to the customer - fast. At SSS Global IT Solutions we take your needs and tailor a solution to enable your team to move to an agile delivery model, or improve your agile maturity and aid you in better incorporating testing within your agile projects.

So whether you are looking to test new applications for the first time, or just want reassurance that your website or your application will perform to the high expectations of your customers, simply Contact us to discuss about our services, expertise and how we can help you.

SSS Global IT Solutions' strong technical capabilities in quality assurance and testing are supplemented by world-class offshore facilities and development centers that cater to the system-critical testing and quality assurance needs.

You can leverage testing expertise in various verticals like :

  • Retail
  • Education
  • Finance
  • Gaming
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Mobile Application


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