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SSS Global IT Solutions is equiped with experienced team members to provide your organization with the technology services that you need so that you can focus on your business. Our expertise and experienced staff allow us to offer a wide variety of customized programs that will fit your needs. Whether you are a small or medium size business in need of full IT department or a large organization in need of IT supplement support, we will handle your needs so you can focus on your business.

Outsourcing has become less a matter of labor arbitrage and more of a strategic move toward business transformation. Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) can free valuable resources from labor-intensive procedures and control costs, enabling greater focus on your core business.

Efficient IT systems translate to unlimited business growth. We recognise that a competent system is comprised of efficient software solutions, a highly functional IT infrastructure and knowledgeable staff. We make sure that you obtain these three so your business will achieve optimal productivity with less downtime and reduced costs.

How can SSS Global IT Solutions help?

Robust and transparent framework. Our managed services framework, which encompasses nearly all of SSS Global IT’s offerings, allows us to implement across key application support and maintenance engagements to deliver predictable services at a predictable cost with continuous improvements and value addition. The framework also brings transparency to the customer on how the engagement will be executed.

Continuous improvement. We are continuously inventing and investing in robust methodologies, tools, processes, and partnerships, and in niche technologies for e-commerce, mobility, social media, and real-time analytics. As a result our customers continue to enjoy faster time to market.

SSS Global IT Solutions delivers exhaustive BPO solutions to global clients by leveraging quality standards and processes, in-depth knowledge, tools and expert resource management. As a strategic extension of our clients’ resources and capacity, we focus on building deep and lasting relationships to deliver significant value. Our objective is to drive substantial long-term partnerships that result in cost reductions and performance improvements, enabling organizations to do more for their customers and shareholders.

Out-sourcing support and maintenance to an off-shore provider reduces costs and allows the mainline team to focus on strategic direction. Various facets of software maintenance we undertake include:

  • Code maintenance
  • Bug fixing
  • Enhancements
  • Site-specific requests
  • Version, patch and release management
  • Testing
  • Product asset management
  • Software upgrade
  • Code optimization
  • Interfacing requirements


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